SE Folk Weekly Update (Mon 20th Sept)

It’s been great to see the community growing online, but also in attendance at our many events. We’ve also had our biggest week of referrals and enquiries, so I’m doing my best to work through those leads. Thanks to all those that have contributed to the list.

This week

On Tuesday evening, we have another dedicated evening of Speed networking and again the event is open to non-members.  It’s a great opportunity to jump between break out rooms and meet people for the first time, or catch on with people that you are getting to know.  The event runs from 7-8, so if you would like to come and meet some of the community and those interested in joining, just message us via the website or find us on social media and DM us.

On Thursday this week we have the opportunity to hear from one of our members Vie Portland, specifically on her recent crowd funding successes.  As we continue our event theme for September, which is income generation, which switch to a different type of fundraising. Crowd funding is quickly becoming another channel and opportunity for social organisations, but it takes work.  Vie will be sharing both the good and the bad, so that if you are thinking exploring this route, you’ve got the chance to learn from others.

Just a reminder that we will be online on Twitter 11:30am-12:30pm for our social enterprise hour.  Every week I’m there sharing your news for you, connecting with new social organisations or just chatting to who is online.  If you have a twitter account, maybe pop on during the hour and give a wave.  Just include #SocEntHour in your tweets and replies.  If you are new to hashtag hours, message me and I will explain more. You can find us at @SeFolk

Next week

Crazy to believe we are approaching the end of September and our last event in the series on income generation.  Next week we are joined by Seb from Beanstalk Social to cover raising your profile online.  Having a good presence through website and social media is key to raising awareness of your work and making appeals to raise funds, so in our final series we will cover how to do that and the impact on things like crowdfunding, text giving, and fundraising events that you are running.

Our next two speakers are lined up for the next two events on Founders Hour, which is every Tuesday evening.  A chance to hear from Rob at Moving Forward CIC and Lynn from Chocolution.  Founders Hour is great to hear another Founders journey, but also to share experiences and give support.

Next Month

Next month we are moving onto the topic of Volunteers, and I’m pleased with the line up of speakers we have on this covering identifying skills, recruitment, DBS checks and managing.

We also have our first mini event covering mental health in young people and adults.  It’s been a big topic for a long time, but probably no more so with the impacts of the last 18 months.

Thanks again for your interest and support, and don’t forget about our event tomorrow evening.

Rob (Co-Founder of SE Folk)

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