SE Folk is the creation of UK based Social Enterprise Be Inspired Today.

The idea of SE Folk came deep in the middle of the pandemic in 2020, when the number of Founders reaching out for support went beyond the resources and time we had to help. Because of this we sat as a board and thought how we could best scale ourselves to meet these demands. Our solution was SE Folk.

We are really excited to be building a digital community where people who run social organisations can connect with other Founders, provide peer-to-peer support, and receive expert advice. It’s a dedicated online platform, a self-service space for vocational learning, a safe one-stop-shop for collaboration and networking, and a place for finding opportunities to grow.

SE Folk is available across desktop and mobile app 24/7, making it accessible for those with disabilities, restrictive life-styles, low income, isolated locations, and general low confidence. It allows them to connect with other founders who are in

similar situations and can offer further insight and guidance.

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