SE Folk Weekly Update (Mon 27th Sept)

Welcome to this week’s update for the SE Folk community. This week we move from September into October, but not before finishing off our monthly theme on Income Generation. Details on our last event below.

Members Survey

Today we have launched a members feedback survey to find out what how we are doing helping our community.

As you know, SE Folk soft launched on the 1st June, and Gary and myself allowed public member access to the SE Folk platform for the first time.  We made the decision to launch before many things were in place because we saw a need to start helping Founders across the UK that were in need of support.

Through June we onboarded many of the those that were involved in the test group over the previous few months, and July and August saw steady growth as we increased our marketing and encouraged the community to become more active.  As we approach the end of September, we have now been fully operational for 3 months, excluding the start up month of June, so it feels a good time to gauge the value you have taken from being part of the community.

Over the next two weeks we will be collating all the views and then share that among the team to consider how we are tracking again our goals.

This week

Tomorrow evening on Founder’s Hour we hear from Rob Begley, Founder of Moving Forward Norfolk CIC. Rob will be sharing his start up story, together with an insight to the personal challenges people face with hoarding, and how his organisation isn’t about just cleaning up, it’s a supportive approach to help bring about personal change for those his team supports. Join us from 7pm tomorrow. More details on Rob’s organisation here

Later this week we have our final session on Income Generation, which is the theme we have been running through September. Having touched on grants, crowd funding and sponsorship this month, we finish on “raising your online profile” which is not only important to build your organisations presence online, it is critical when working on fundraising activities such as text giving, crowd funding, promoting events, and other money giving activities. On Thursday’s Expert Hour we are being joined by Seb Brickell, Director of digital marketing agency Beanstalk Social, who will share his advice and top tips to improve your online presence and engagement. More details on Beanstalk Social here

Next week

Next week is a start of a new month, and a new monthly theme. For October we are concentrating on Volunteering. Thursday’s Expert Hour 1-2pm will cover types of volunteers, skills audits and identifying the opportunities to get help for your organisation, whatever type of social organisation you are involved in. If you need help in developing your organisation you can connect with me here

At Founder’s Hour on Tuesday 7-8pm we get to hear from Lynn and her mission to educate and raise awareness around the production of chocolate. An insight into some of the humanitarian issues that exists within the supply chain, and how she is looking to help with educating consumers.

SE Folk – a place for you

As we enter into a new quarter for SE Folk, we want to let as many people know that SE Folk is about community and growth. For whatever stage you are at with your social organisation, from the “thinking about starting” through to “we’ve been going for +5 years”, for whatever social cause you are championing, and for wherever you are in the UK, we want SE Folk to be a place for you and others. If you know of anyone in your community that would benefit from exploring SE Folk then please pass on our details. The conversations we are having lot are about knowing there are others out there, especially when you are feeling low or a bit overwhelmed. These are the times that SE Folk is a place for you.

Hope to connect, chat, see you soon.


Co-Founder SE Folk

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